Toby Crow, Building Tomorrow's Highway Construction Workforce: The Partner Perspective

The U.S Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration has selected South Dakota Department of Transportation as a pilot state for the Highway Construction Workforce Project. We are here to recruit and educate hard working, reliable people for construction careers that are available in the state. The Highway Construction Awareness Course will give some insight into what these jobs have to offer and can connect you with contractors looking for potential On-the-Job trainees. 

Our task force consists of a partnership between SD Department of Transportation, SD Department of Education, SD Association of General Contractors, SD Department of Labor and Regulation, and U.S. Department of Transportation. Our goal is to create career pathways for highway construction occupations and link employers with qualified applicants. For more information on our project, or the task force, please contact us at sdroads2jobs@projectsolutionsinc.com. 

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